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Trading day July 27, 2018

Fridays are what they are...fridays. Even in the markets. I executed the Oil trading strategy (launch oil bot at 7:59am, manually close at 10 or 11am). I already know from my oil market research that on fridays, the strategy might result in a small loss or a modest profit. But i always stick to my strategy and just did it. It closed the day in a small loss. I didnt trade the pound sterling today. On fridays its worse for currencies.
See you on Monday


Trading day July 26, 2018. Part 2

My oil trading strategy is to launch the Oil bot (Petal Oil 1.0 daytrader) at 7:59am US Central (do it before the 8am candle) and then check back after 2 or 3 hours at either 10 am or 11am. Oil volatility is highest and momentum is directional during that period.
Exceptions is Wednesdays. On Wednesdays the US EIA crude oil inventory report is released at 9:30am US central. Very volatile news. Stay away and launch the oil bot at 10am . Then close trades after 2 hours at noon. You can also check at 11am to see if you are satisfied with profits.
Happy trading.


Trading day July 26, 2018

Petal FX 0.1 daytrader and Petal FX 1.0 daytrader bots representing bots doing 0.1 lot size ($10k position) and 1.0 lot size ($100k position) respectively, was launched across the Just2trade and USGFX accounts on the GBP/USD pair at about European session open. I woke up at exactly the Newyork Open at 8:30am US central and manually closed the profits. I was supposed to have been up at 7:50am to launch the Oil bots (Petal Oil 1.0 daytrader), so i hurriedly launched those and at 10am, i closed the beautiful profits. My oil trading strategy is launch Petal Oil bots from 7:59am (before the 8am candle) ...TBC


Trading day July 25, 2018. Part 3

I overtraded on the USGFX demo account and got hit by the choppy GBP/USD market and also launched bots to trade oil outside the Pipdroid Oil trading strategy.
This eventually brought us to a small loss for the week so far.
The Pipdroid Oil strategy was executed eventually and netted over $750.
Tomorrow, ill be revealing the Pipdroid Oil trading strategy. You can try it for yourselves and be the Judge. However, we clear our back end daily cos this version of Pipdroid is a limited user version and its free. The monetized scaled version will be released in late September.
See you tomorrow


Trading day July 25, 2018. Part 2
The daytader bot when launched on Pipdroid Petal, opens a buy and a sell order simultaneously. It already has a stop loss and profit target for each opened position. When either of the buy or sell orders hit its specified stop loss, it closes and opens a reverse buy or sell trade. The idea is to leverage on the speed of AI to harness volatility and make profit without aanalyzing the markets. You make money whether the market goes up or down. The wrong side reverses to the direction of the right side.

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